is a "non-traditional" traditional accounting firm.
  • RW Group was formed based on the belief that people
    strive to achieve excellence in everything they do.
  • "RW Group's team completed our first
    audit in a cost effective and timely fashion
    without compromising the level of quality expected.
    Richard's personal attention and accessibility
    allows us to make timely decisions in our
    rapidly changing business"
    Ricardo A. Venegas, CFO One Media Corp, Inc
    New York Cosmos
  • Many thanks to RW Group for a thorough and efficient audit...
    this was Lombard Securities first audit with RW Group and it was
    well organized, to the point, and no wasted time on insignificant issues.
    William Socha | Lombard Securities

RW Group, a "non-traditional" traditional accounting firm

What does a "non-traditional" traditional accounting firm mean? It means that we provide our clients with top-notch traditional services while providing our employees with a relaxed and team oriented work environment that fosters excellence.

While located in Southeastern Pennsylvania, we at RW Group service clients locally as well as nationally, and of all sizes. As a firm, we have gained a reputation for excellence in accounting and auditing as well as for quality control, and traditional services.

The firm is not only committed to serving our clients but also the profession and the greater community. Firm leadership is active professionally with the American Institute of CPAs and locally with the Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs by participating on committees and task forces. In addition, our staff serves the greater community by sitting on boards and committees of local not-for- profit organizations.

Commercial businesses have an enormously complex balancing act in financial reporting. Business owners need to balance the needs of the lenders with the desire to minimize their tax liabilities.
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Audits of employee benefit plans encompass more than a typical audit of the financial statements. Professional standards require that auditors of plans subject to ERISA also perform tests at the participant level and consider compliance with the Plan Documents.
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Not-for-profit organizations are complex organizations, often more complex than a typical small business. Not-for-profit organizations are required to meet financial reporting needs of donors and supporters, boards, lenders, and state and federal regulators, to name a few.
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Often owners or third parties would like an independent accountant to provide a level of assurance on information other than financial statements. RW Group and its leadership has experience in performing these "agreed-upon procedures" engagements.
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Accounting and auditing

RW Group is committed to providing efficient and effective audits of financial...

Reviews and compilations

If the users of your financial statements do not need the level of assurance provided...


Taxes are often the driving force as to why individuals and businesses engage the services of accountants...


The RW Group and its leadership has nearly three decades of experience...

Quality Control Services

RW Group provides quality control services for accounting firms...

Peer Review/Internal Inspection

RW Group's leadership is experienced in performing peer reviews for any size firms...