Accounting and auditing


RW Group is committed to providing efficient and effective audits of financial statements. Whether you are a public company complying with SEC requirements or a local business meeting lender requirements, we provide the necessary services to help you fulfill your responsibilities. Our team is dedicated to meeting deadlines and maintaining open lines of communications. We have positioned ourself to be able to serve clients locally and internationally. We have resources that rival those of the large international firms, at a much more appealing cost.

RW Group's team completed our first audit in a cost effective and timely fashion without compromising the level of quality expected. Richard's personal attention and accessibility allows us to make timely decisions in our rapidly changing business.

Ricardo A. Venegas | CFO One Media Corp, Inc | New York Cosmos

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Reviews and Compilations:

If the users of your financial statements do not need the level of assurance provided by an audit, RW Group can provide you with review or compilation services. A review is significantly less in scope than an audit and provides the users of the financial statements with limited assurance that the financial statements have been prepared and presented in accordance with the applicable basis of accounting. A compilation provides no level of assurance; however, will often satisfy the users' needs when they would like an outside accountant involved in the issuance of the financial statements.

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Other Attestation Services:

Often owners or third parties would like an independent accountant to provide a level of assurance on information other than financial statements. RW Group and its leadership has experience in performing these "agreed-upon procedures" engagements.

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Taxes are often the driving force as to why individuals and businesses engage the services of accountants. The RW Group and its leadership has nearly three decades of experience in preparing federal, state, and local income tax returns.

We have been clients of RW Group for many years now. They are very skilled at their craft; experienced, professional and reliable. They work hard and diligently for their clientele to achieve a very satisfying bottom line outcome. We are happy to have found RW Group. They take the burden out of "tax time".

George and Barbara West

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Quality Control Services:

RW Group provides quality control services for accounting firms. Whether your firm is a small sole proprietor or a large firm, RW Group can help you achieve your quality control objectives. RW Group can assist in performing your financial statement reviews, engagement quality control reviews, provide technical guidance, assist in new standards implementation, and monitor CPE compliance. On an annual basis your internal inspection will be performed leaving your partners time to focus on your client's needs. RW Group will customize our services to your quality control needs.

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