Peer Review and Internal Inspection

RW Group’s leadership is experienced in performing peer reviews for firms as small as a sole proprietor with no staff up to large multi-office national firms. RW Group’s own peer review is administered by the AICPA’s National Peer Review Committee (“NPRC”) and, therefore, is qualified to perform reviews administered by either the NPRC or a state society. As a firm we have a broad base of industry experience; however, in the event your firm has a practice area that falls outside our qualifications, we will bring in the right people to help – you will not be responsible for finding the needed team members. RW Group is a member of the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center and Governmental Audit Quality Center which, if your firm is also a member, meets your obligation to ensure that these engagements are reviewed by individuals from another member firm. Our leadership is active on both the NPRC and the Pennsylvania Peer Review Committee which gives us the ability to understand what the review acceptance boards are looking for and address those issues up front in an effort to see your review get accepted as quickly as administratively possible.

We also provide assistance to firms with their internal inspections. We can perform the whole inspection for the firm, in a manner similar to an external peer review or we can provide backup in targeted areas of the inspection. For our peer review clients we can assist in the year immediately following your peer review; however, our independence is impaired if we provide inspection services in the year immediately preceding your review.

Quality Control Services

RW Group provides quality control services for accounting firms. Whether your firm is a small sole proprietor or a large firm, RW Group can help you achieve your quality control objectives. RW Group can assist in performing your financial statement reviews, engagement quality control reviews, provide technical guidance, assist in new standards implementation, and monitor CPE compliance. On an annual basis your internal inspection will be performed leaving your partners time to focus on your client's needs. RW Group will customize our services to your quality control needs.