Commercial Businesses

Commercial businesses have an enormously complex balancing act in financial reporting. Business owners need to balance the needs of the lenders with the desire to minimize their tax liabilities.

Lenders are looking for assurances that the financial reporting is reliable and are asking for reviews or audits. The businesses are also looking at growth opportunities and that may move them to a global environment that adds additional financial reporting considerations.

Our attest and tax experience for commercial organizations span manufacturing, real estate, retail, wholesalers, professional services, and technology companies, to name a few. The organizations have ranged from early stage small businesses to established public companies.

As a PCAOB registered company, you will not have to change accounting firms as your company grows. Further, our affiliation with IGAF Polaris, a global association of independent accounting firms, enables us to service client needs locally and internationally. As of July 17, 2012, IGAF Polaris will be known as PrimeGlobal.